Visuals are only half the story.

Whether you are working with PMI’s visual artist or the visuals have already been created, we can craft a soundtrack that will be just as compelling as the images that accompany it. We are well-versed in mixing for many entertainment mediums, including cinema, broadcast, streaming, etc, as well as non-traditional marketing projects.


 Voice Recording & Editing

ADR (Automated Dialog Replacement)

Sound Design

Stereo & Surround Mixing

Audio Restoration


Acoustically Designed Rooms

Avid Pro Tools Ultimate

Source-Connect Pro X

Dolby Digital Encode/Decode

Music & Sound Effects Libraries

Not to name drop or anything, but here are a few people that we have recorded. 

Cate Blanchett

Denzel Washington

Jamie Lee Curtis

Emily Blunt

Michael Caine

Rachel Brosnahan

Jonathan Groff

Anna Torv

David Morse

Elizabeth Banks

Mae Whitman

Mackenzie Davis

Doug Bradley

Laurence Fishburne

John Goodman

Jeff Goldblum

John Krasinski

Tom Hardy

Joel Edgerton

Holt McCallany

Cotter Smith

Olivia Wilde

Jonas Brothers

George Takei 

Chris Noth

Tom Savini

T.J. Miller

Explainer Video

"First Time Homebuyer"

Branding Overview

“2019 Lineup Montage SFX ONLY"