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Just Released ‘Color of the Year’ Video for PPG Tells a Deeper Color Story By Celebrating The Rise of a Female-Led Profession

PPG Color of the Year PMI Digital
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PPG Paints, which operates in 75 countries coloring the world of consumer products from automobiles to kitchen cabinets and electronics, released this week their 2023 Color of the Year (COTY) wanted to release a bold video campaign that tells the ‘why’ behind the color through the dreamscape of a color, materials and finishes designer, known as a CMF designer.

The short film is set in an Alice in Wonderland-esque vibrant dreamscape and follows the designer’s divergent paths as she embarks on a professional dream and heartbreaking romance. On this journey, the female lead comes back to earth and we learn that PPG’s COTY is Vining Ivy – a deep, shaded aqua simultaneously representing growth through change and grounding through self-discovery.