2024 Fuel Your Fitness Campaign

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Experience protein diversity with GNC’s vibrant flavors, enticing you for more. PMI showcases GNC’s top brands to power your progress. From classic favorites to innovative blends, GNC ensures there’s something for everyone, ensuring you never have to compromise on flavor or quality.

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2024 Animated Campaign

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Crafted in a direct-to-consumer style, this advertisement exudes boldness, fun, and trendiness. It harnesses the power of 2D motion design, leveraging GNC’s assets to create a visually dynamic experience.

At the heart of the video lies kinetic typography and message-driven animation, ensuring that the audience is not only captivated visually but also engaged intellectually. Delivering GNC’s message with style and impact, this spot promises to leave a lasting impression.

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2024 GlucaTrim Video Explainer

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GlucaTrim represents a holistic approach to weight management, addressing key aspects that contribute to successful and sustainable weight loss.

This explainer demonstrates how GlucaTrim targets multiple pathways within the body, harnessing the power of scientifically backed ingredients to optimize metabolism. By working in harmony with your body’s natural processes, GlucaTrim offers a dynamic and effective solution that adapts to your individual needs and challenges.

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2023 House of Pre-Workouts Video Campaign

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When it comes to pre-workout supplements, GNC stands unrivaled in delivering the ultimate fitness experience. Our video served as a comprehensive campaign aimed at showcasing GNC’s exclusive range of pre-workout brands, renowned for their unparalleled effectiveness.

Through compelling storytelling and visually stunning content, we highlighted the unique attributes of GNC’s pre-workout offerings. As a result of this campaign, GNC experienced a boost in pre-workout sales.

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2023 Product Reel Video Campaign

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Showcasing GNC supplements and products in a captivating and dynamic manner, utilizing innovative production techniques.

Capturing the essence of products through visually stunning sequences, such as supplements being poured from bottles while the camera swiftly maneuvers around the falling elements. Furthermore, PMI showcases diverse product range seamlessly within the same shot, highlighting GNC’s global presence and extensive offerings.

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