Fashion-Forward PerLora Campaign Attracts

Next Generation of Furniture Buyers

2022 Print Campaign

Architectural Digest
Elle Decor
Table Magazine
Shady Avenue
Pittsburgh Magazine

In-store • OOH • Billboard


At nearly 80 million strong, Millennials are the largest generation in the country and are influencing furniture trends. For the first time in history, your home furnishings have to be Instagram-approved. PMI Digital was recruited by PerLora, a high-end furniture company offering a vast array of exquisite furniture, hand-made artwork, and eccentric accessories at multiple locations, to create a brand awareness campaign to attract this demographic.  

PMI Digital’s creative team utilized traditional optics like forced perspective and refraction to create a surrealist, fashion-forward print campaign that showcased Millennial models lounging on Perlora’s distinctive pieces. For example, one advertisement tricks the eye into thinking the wooden furniture and models blend into the forest scene surrounding them, uniquely capturing the serene nature of the pieces.

Photography lends itself to fashion. And furniture is fashion. Moreover, a lifestyle. That is what this campaign was selling. It’s not enough for furniture to serve a singular purpose anymore. Couches aren’t just for sitting. Couches are where people film their podcasts, where they take their Zoom calls. They need to make a statement. And so, we developed a campaign that did just that.

Featured in Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, and prominent city billboards, the print campaign was taken in by millions of consumers. The visually intriguing imagery was a welcome disruption to the monotony of traditional furniture ads buyers have come to expect. Our target audience wanted more than just static images. They wanted to see how someone experiences and interacts with the furniture. ‘The New ‘New Normal’’ campaign addressed that need in an interactive way that hadn’t been done before.